RX-8 Battery Relocation Kit (with oil catch & wash tank)

RX-8 Battery Relocation Kit (with oil catch & wash tank)

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It is a KIT that aims to improve handling and reduce weight by moving the genuine battery to the position of the genuine washer tank and moving it

from the high position of the front overhang to the inside of the wheelbase .
The genuine battery is on top of the radiator fan and the
cooling efficiency will be significantly improved by relocating his battery.
As for the battery, we have made it possible to use an inexpensive wet battery (sold separately)
(size 38-55B19L) in consideration of maintainability.
It comes with a washer tank (use genuine washer pump) and
an oil catch tank for blow-by.

In addition, it can be installed by bolt-on without any processing such as wiring.